Im done

So my dream ends here – Im on my way home already.

My body couldnt work it, to hard work and when all parts of my body aiking, and I hardly can get up from bed in the morning – then You also have to have in mind how much is it worth and how much can I take..

The last tre days I have been in bed with fever and just sleeping, and since my roomates had minor respect for that and went out party and returned home at 3am this morning – I had enough, I really need to take care of my health before Im going under in depression.. Because thats were I was headed for – I just didnt had the energi nor will to do anything.

Unfortuanetely my roomates where so much younger than me, and therefore had different priorities (and energy) so even if I went to bed at 9:30pm I couldnt get to sleep before they did since they were so loud (laughing and screaming) just outside my bedroom. O yes I asked them serveral times to be less loud but nothing.. I guess they were to young to have the respect needed, and I was to tired 🙂

Well well it all came up with me beeing in a really bad mood against them – and I couldnt find my regular positive mood, and felt lost and depressed.

Time to go home but my dream isnt crushed at all. I meet many lovely people and I learned a lot about myself. Maybe this is exactly how its supposed to be – I lived my dream playing fast forward, kinda how I also live my life 🙂

Thanks for this opportunity – now I looking forward for my next adventure!

P. S I didnt have time/energy to take so many photos but here is some 🙂


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