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Im done

So my dream ends here – Im on my way home already.

My body couldnt work it, to hard work and when all parts of my body aiking, and I hardly can get up from bed in the morning – then You also have to have in mind how much is it worth and how much can I take..

The last tre days I have been in bed with fever and just sleeping, and since my roomates had minor respect for that and went out party and returned home at 3am this morning – I had enough, I really need to take care of my health before Im going under in depression.. Because thats were I was headed for – I just didnt had the energi nor will to do anything.

Unfortuanetely my roomates where so much younger than me, and therefore had different priorities (and energy) so even if I went to bed at 9:30pm I couldnt get to sleep before they did since they were so loud (laughing and screaming) just outside my bedroom. O yes I asked them serveral times to be less loud but nothing.. I guess they were to young to have the respect needed, and I was to tired 🙂

Well well it all came up with me beeing in a really bad mood against them – and I couldnt find my regular positive mood, and felt lost and depressed.

Time to go home but my dream isnt crushed at all. I meet many lovely people and I learned a lot about myself. Maybe this is exactly how its supposed to be – I lived my dream playing fast forward, kinda how I also live my life 🙂

Thanks for this opportunity – now I looking forward for my next adventure!

P. S I didnt have time/energy to take so many photos but here is some 🙂

My whole body is aching..

The work here is hard, really hard – my body has been sore ever since I got here, and my back is killing me sometimes (even though its much better than two weeks ago). I am struggling with how much I can push my body trough – ”is it worth it?” . . . . . I mean suck it up Princess I can do, but not in behalf of my future body..

A typical workday starts between 6:20-6:40am with our fosterkittens (litterbox, weigh, medicin, record everything).

7:30am – pull meat from fridge accourding to a schedule, we are talking about maybe 25-50kg overall, wich we carry between freezer and cooler..

Feeding-time around 8am – Since Im not allowed to feed yet I tag along as a vulture-watch (standing for long time), or if there is someother things need to be done.

After feeding all 69cats there is some dishes needed to be done…

And then, around 9:30 there is some cleaning in inclosures wich needs to get done, you practicly looking for poop for a few hours..

After lunch around 2pm, we all head over to help park arriving cars for the day tour at 3pm – and most often am I on one tour – wich means standing and walking slow for nearly three hours. And then there is chores to do, both in giftshop after the tour, and also in food-prep so there is all cleaned for everything to start all over again..

Im actually in such pain right now so I almoust have no feelings in my heel, and have bluemarks around my wrists..

So I talked to my volunteer manager today regarding change of duties – cause I really cant continue like this. We agreed that Im going to try more administrative duties and hopefully my body will manage that.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I know that everything I do here is helping the cats – and thats more than enough for me!

Homesickness, backproblem and struggeling

So, I’ve had the biggest dip so far and almoust gave up to go home. I actually searched for flight-tickets, but I really got a lot of support from friends at home both by message and Facebook.

My back was so bad, Im not used to work this hard for 12 hours in a row, and I also had the worse madress ever – so one day I hardly could get out of bed, and had big problems to get clothes on. I asked for lighter tasks, and on my day off I found a massage & chiropractor wich had free appoinment the very same day! (Thank You!) After x-ray the doctor said my talebone looked like a ”happy cat” – and since Im not a cat thats no good at all.. I got electric thierapy and he made some adjustments, and it directly felt so much better!

One other thing I struggle with at the same time was that I felt overwhelmed about everything: so many new professional words and slang, and also everybody talk so fast. Also there is so much we should learn in so short time, and the expectations on us are really high.

So i litterally felt that I could make it! And I felt so bad about everything.. Imagine my dream just wasnt the way I expected, and I was totally out of balance..

I got so much support, love and great tips from my friends, and as soon I ended feel sorry for myself, everything quickly felt so much better and my dream came back from behind the clowds.

I also switched mattress from another bed, and big differens!

This weekend we had 6 cats doing dentistry, and omg what there were so much to do – I was totally exhausted after work, but yet I had to celebrate my new positive energy with dating the american way!

On my day off on monday my lovely friend from Sweden (who is in Florida on vacation) came and picked me up for a roadtrip to Clearwater beach, where the sand is almoust white and the waves are amazing. We had the best time together and I am actually LIVING MY DREAM!

Starting to figure things out

So much happens each day and most of the nights I just shower, eat and go to bed.

At first – we work 12hours continously, except 45min lunchbreak. And mostly standing, walking or in action somehow, so my feet and back are sore as hell – but what doesnt kill you right..

We have a lot of chores to do every day, preparing food, dishes, tour, cleaning and so on.. And also there is project such as cleaning empty inclosures, organizing, moving cats, buildning.. As for the other day when I actually carried a Bobcat named Marianne, who was going on ”vacation” in one of the bigger inclosures. Sooo awesome and really one-in-a-lifetime-moments!

Yesterday one of the other interns took me out on a miner tour so I could learn about all the cats, where they are in the sanctuary and their named and so – and of course take some photos! (we are not allowed to take photos when we are working unfortunately) Im not allowed to walk by myself yet, I have to take class and be signed as a tourguide first. Cant wait for it, but at the same time Im scared as hell cause of the language and all the information I need to be confident with.

Yesterday was a tough day, I actually wanted to give up and go home. The language is a bit hard, they all speak so fast and also using words Im not familiar with – so Im struggle a bit with translation everything. And also its so hard work, and so much we should know – so I didnt feel like Im gonna make it… So I texted my lovely cousin (wich cost 15Sek) who quickly replied and reminded me why Im doing this and how hard I worked for this the last months. Better text than I could ask for, and I quickly found my motivation again – Love You Camilla! And then I cried a bit when I found another intern who listened and understood how I felt. There is so much happening at all time, both in my mind and also very much to take in – so its easy to get overwhelmed as I was.

Today was tour day and its so fun – yet a lot of standing and slow walk so my back is kinda out of order, but Im hanging in there cause tomorrow is also another Amazing tour day!


Today we were moving Tiger Keisha from the vacationarea (they go there for two weeks at a cirkulate schedule), and she was so happy to go home. And I was so happy to help her!

There is a tunnel going through almoust the whole area and are connected to every enclosure, so the cats walk back and forth by themself without stress. Im so amazed about the organisation here and above all the love for the great cats – everything is for their best without no profit or so in mind.

And I also helped moving Bobcats Marianne & Max to another vacationarea – they were moved there in cages and I actually carried Marianne! So awesome – and so heavy – my back is killing me at the moment. Or no, they are in a fight with my feet about who’s gonna be have the honor to kill me..

Its long days, we work 07:30 – 19:30 and there is a lot of hard work – and youre basically standing or on a move the hole time. Today we cleaned and cut and raffled grass in both vacationareas, and in Lion Nikitas enclosure (she was of course locked out from that area at the time, but she didnt let us out of her sight..

First day at Big Cat Rescue!

Omg, what a day! Im totally exhausted but overwhelmed!

The day started 6:30 with breakfast (cereals and Milk, and a. Kind of tacobread-sandwich with turkey and cheese – pretty good actually)

7:30 we start working, and after a few preparing tasks it was time for breakfast for the cats! Since I havent taking all classes (I will tell You more about that some other day), I was on vulture-gard! Prepared with an air-soft-gun (only for shooting on the ground to scare the vulture), I had the most magic moment ever.

The feeling of standig by all the cages with hungry cats who definitely let us all know how happy they were to see us. Tigers and Lions roared together in the most beautiful symphoni, accompanied by the fantastict cute sound from the Pumas. I was really on cloud nine!

After feeding and all the dishes, there was this huge delivery arriving and we all helped carry all the boxes with heavy meat – it was one of the worst work-out ever, but yet soo needed – suck it up, Princess!

Also before lunch we did two classes – one for nursering the kittens wichh we are fostering at our house and a second for tours in the park. Of course I passed both with honor!

We also had to drive the golf-cart they use on the property – my first time ever but it went smooth 🙂

And later on I was invited to be on one of the tours, and that was soo fantastic to hear all the cats tragic rescue-storys and see them so happy now! My next homework is to learn all the cats names, but for now my favorite is the Tiger Gabriella – whom I practiced my ”tiger-sound” and she answered! The sound is like as you quickly press out a lot of air trough your chins, and that is how Tigers greet eachother.

In the evening we had a seminar about how Big Cat Rescue is working for a bill which actually can prevent keeping big cats as pets, breeding to sell cubs, and other inhumane things which is touture for the cats.

My day ends at 22:00 after another class, so I can now officially touch and play with our orphan foster-kittens!

Over and out from the happiest Princess ever!

Finally arrived!

After a long and worn flight I finally arrived to Tampa, Florida!

Through customs everybody smiled to me when I answered the ur question regarding what to do in USA – this is so Amazing!

My roomate picked me up at airport, I was really nervous about that cause I only got information about her car – and compared to Arlanda it could be hell to just find a car… But everything went well, after just 10min waiting in the heat I was in the car moving towards my home for three months. (I promise to upload photos).

In our house we are taking care of for orphan kittens 9weeks old – and they are adorable! I just have to wait for introduction before I can interact with them. (kinda hard not to)

Havent seen anything about the Sanctuary yet cause it was dark when I arrived, but today is the day when everything starts!!!

Oh, and I dreamt about some of my theeth fell off, I saved them for the dentist – but in the dream it was realistic cause it took place in the house Im in now.. Maybe its just my brain completing all the impressions, or what do You think?

Almoust forgot, we flew over Greenland, Canada, NY and so. I actually saw the snowy mountain on Greenland!